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December 16th – Human Empaths: Understanding Our 6th Sense

Human Empaths: Understanding Our 6th Sense

Are you highly sensitive to other people’s emotions and the energies around you? Have you met people who say they are? Despite phrases like “Women’s Intuition” “Trust Your Gut,” and “Listen to Your Instincts,” being fully embedded in our language, our empathic senses are often referred to in hushed tones and labeled as “crazy,” or “weird.” Millions of people have felt left alone and haven’t had the opportunity to understand or learn how to manage their empathic senses which often results in increased risk of mental and emotional illnesses, challenges in relationships, and even addictions.

Human Empaths: Understanding Our 6th Sense is designed to break the stigma and empower us to reclaim our 6th Sense. Learners are introduced to new ways of talking about our empathic senses and recognizing the challenges caused by their “erasure.” The training includes:

  • 15 Common Energies and Emotions Empathic People Feel
  • 20 Techniques for Managing Empathic Senses and Reclaiming Your Sense of Self
  • 10 Cautions and Tips for Highly Sensitive People
  • 5 Key Strategies for Creating Systemic Change

After completing the course, you can also receive your Human Empath Changemaker Certificate. Registration is 30.00 or free for I Am Well Darke County Members. Members can enter coupon code: IAWDC

Register online here.